Making Music

May – June 2016 Charlotte joined the choir this year and we continue to be impressed that a child born from Seymour and me, two of the very most tone deaf people in the world with absolutely no musical capabilities, has such a beautiful singing voice! The choir has performed at the Christmas Market/ Fair … More Making Music

Farm Stay

June 2016 I am not a happy camper.  I prefer not to be a camper at all, but – again – in the category of things that I do as a mom that I probably wouldn’t choose to do without children, we booked ourselves on a ‘farm stay’ in the middle of nowhere; actually it … More Farm Stay

Firsts in Switzerland

We are having some ‘firsts’ while living abroad.  I worry sometimes that (I  know, me worry- hard to imagine that!) I will forget some of these first because there are so many new things associated with the move over here that might overshadow the day to day firsts. Here I go trying to documents some … More Firsts in Switzerland